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Banfield/U. Minn. Study Shines Light on Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

Posted on by Ashlee Addleman, MPH

Jordon the cat is monitored for early signs of the disease as she ages Feline Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been the topic of conversation at my dinner table for the last couple of months. Our family cat, Jordan, will … Continue reading

Emotions, Pet Ownership and Veterinary Care

Posted on by Ari Zabell, DVM

We own pets because we want another being to share our lives, emotions and love with—openly, honestly and without apology. The reality is that pets typically live shorter lives than we do and rely on their owners to make good … Continue reading

Striving for Work-Life Balance

Posted on by Heidi M. Cooley, DVM

It’s March, and my New Year’s resolution has already slipped by the wayside. Every January, I firmly proclaim, “This is the year I will find it… the enigma that is the elusive work-life balance.” I’ve heard about the goal of … Continue reading

Is it Simply Old Age? Recognizing and Treating Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Posted on by Summer Hedges, DVM

When Cousteau, my elderly chocolate and tan Cocker Spaniel, inexplicably attempted to leap over a 3-foot baby gate, I was startled by his enthusiasm but not the resulting crash when he connected with the gate and brought it tumbling to … Continue reading

Spring 2014 Banfield Journal Tackles Subject of Preventive Dentistry

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

The Spring 2014 edition of the Banfield Journal is now available. This first issue of the year—published in an exclusive digital format—focuses on preventive dentistry in pets and why it’s important to take a proactive approach to dental health. In … Continue reading

Winter 2013 Banfield Journal: Canine Behavior

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

Welcome to the Winter 2013 edition of the Banfield Journal. Right off the bat, we’d like to thank  everyone who took the reader feedback survey. Your input is invaluable and will help us shape the direction of the Journal and … Continue reading

Tapping the Potential of Personalized Health Information

Posted on by Nate Spofford, MPH

During my most recent trip to the grocery store, I was faced with the surprisingly difficult task of repurchasing some vitamins that I’d run out of earlier in the week. Selecting the right product was important, as I was found … Continue reading

Bridging the Gap: From Pet Food to Pet Care

Posted on by Elizabeth Lund, DVM, MPH, PhD

In October, I attended the 2013 Waltham International Nutritional Sciences Symposium (WINSS) in Portland, Ore., co-sponsored by Banfield Pet Hospital®. This was a three-day, international meeting of nutritional scientists and veterinary specialists featuring scientific sessions on the microbiome, aging, macronutrient … Continue reading

Banfield Applied Research & Knowledge (BARK): Exclusive Research Scoops

Posted on by Ashlee Addleman, MPH

A special interview with Dr. Sandi Lefebvre Using evidence collected from thousands of canine patients visiting Banfield Pet Hospitals®, Dr. Sandi Lefebvre, veterinary epidemiologist with Banfield, and a team of researchers conducted a study to determine whether dogs that were … Continue reading

The art and science of balancing my many hats

Posted on by Ari Zabell, DVM

As a veterinarian in a small-animal hospital, there are many “hats” I wear. Managing a team requires wearing my leader hat, and the doctor hat is essential for providing quality medical care to pets. But veterinarians don’t often think about the … Continue reading

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