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Could Distemper be the Next Measles Outbreak in Veterinary Medicine?

Posted on by Elizabeth Lund, DVM, MPH, PhD

With coverage of the measles outbreak in the news right now, I have been reflecting on how we as veterinarians might find ourselves in a similar situation with vaccination of pets under our care. Pediatric vaccination practices have come under … Continue reading

Plotting the Path to Prevention

Posted on by Nate Spofford, MPH

As the father of a 2-year-old, I’m no stranger to the pediatrician’s office. Over the past two years, my daughter has seen her doctor more than a dozen times. Although some of these visits have been prompted by coughs, colds … Continue reading

Dog or Cat Lifespan May be Impacted by Spay/Neuter Status

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

Naturally, veterinary clients want their pets to live long and healthy lives. And veterinary professionals spend a great deal of time educating clients on certain risk factors that may influence life expectancy. According to Banfield’s internal research team, Banfield Applied … Continue reading

Danielle’s Story: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon & Team BCT San Diego

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

One Banfield vet assistant’s goal to run 13.1 miles for pets turns into a personal transformation From Ohio, Kentucky and Colorado, to Georgia, Texas and Oregon, people all over the country are combining their love for pets with their interest … Continue reading

A Special Interview with Banfield’s Dr. Elizabeth Lund

Posted on by Ashlee Addleman, MPH

Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Lund has been promoting the use of data analytics and health informatics to support evidence-based medicine, scientific research and clinical practice advancements long before data became sexy. “We can make the world a better place for pets … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of a Veterinary Technician

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

In part one of this series, we talked about the training, aptitude and skills it takes to be a credentialed veterinary technician. Now we’ll explore a typical day on the job, plus the challenges and rewards. We know that a … Continue reading

Celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week: Oct. 12-18

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

Credentialed veterinary technicians may have just a single job title, but in fact they fill many roles as they move throughout their day in the hospital. They assist veterinarians in multiple aspects of patient care—from anesthesia, surgery, radiology and dentistry, … Continue reading

Infectious Disease and the Health of our Pets

Posted on by Bryn Walker

I had just finished my first year at Texas A&M University and was finally moving into my own apartment. I knew it was the right time for me to pick out the perfect puppy. I decided on a Cairn Terrier … Continue reading

Is Your Practice Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

I recently had a near-disaster in my backyard that got me thinking about disaster preparedness and pets. My husband and I were celebrating the end of the work week and were cozily sitting in front of our fire pit late … Continue reading

Summer 2014 Banfield Journal: Feline Ectoparasitic Diseases

Posted on by Sharon DeBusk

The Summer edition of the Banfield Journal is now available online! In a two-part series, author Katherine Doerr, DVM, DACVD, focuses on the clinical signs, diagnosis, therapeutic and preventive measures for feline ectoparasitic diseases—a frequent cause of pruritus in cats. … Continue reading

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