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Infectious Disease and the Health of our Pets

Posted on by Bryn Walker

I had just finished my first year at Texas A&M University and was finally moving into my own apartment. I knew it was the right time for me to pick out the perfect puppy. I decided on a Cairn Terrier … Continue reading

Is Your Practice Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

I recently had a near-disaster in my backyard that got me thinking about disaster preparedness and pets. My husband and I were celebrating the end of the work week and were cozily sitting in front of our fire pit late … Continue reading

Summer 2014 Banfield Journal: Feline Ectoparasitic Diseases

Posted on by Sharon DeBusk

The Summer edition of the Banfield Journal is now available online! In a two-part series, author Katherine Doerr, DVM, DACVD, focuses on the clinical signs, diagnosis, therapeutic and preventive measures for feline ectoparasitic diseases—a frequent cause of pruritus in cats. … Continue reading

Is Big Data the Future of Veterinary Medicine?

Posted on by Catherine Rhoads

Big data has been a buzz word for a while now. The term “big data” refers to datasets that are either too large or too complex to process using traditional database methods, and the term is also used interchangeably to … Continue reading

Banfield/PetAid Colorado Community Practice Experience

Posted on by Nina Silberstein

When I was in college and had the opportunity to intern in the field, I had hopes of learning all about the world of advertising from the ground up. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t learn much about the industry I … Continue reading

Rethinking Pet Health Care

Posted on by Elizabeth Lund, DVM, MPH, PhD

Television commercials don’t usually catch my attention, but there’s a commercial for a local hospital network in Portland, Ore., that compels me to listen. The backdrop is simple: a number of different patients from different walks of life are being … Continue reading

Stories from the 2013 Mars Ambassador Program (MAP)

Posted on by Sharon DeBusk

I consider myself lucky to work for a company that’s all about helping pets and their families. In my six years at Banfield, I’ve never had to look far for inspiring stories about the important and life-changing work that Banfield … Continue reading

Flipping the Switch on Pet Weight Loss

Posted on by Nate Spofford, MPH

A friend of mine recently commented on the “cute” belly hanging from our family cat, Smallie. The comment was intended as a lighthearted observation, but it highlighted an important area of concern for our family. Smallie’s veterinarian has confirmed that … Continue reading

Banfield/U. Minn. Study Shines Light on Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

Posted on by Ashlee Addleman, MPH

Jordon the cat is monitored for early signs of the disease as she ages Feline Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been the topic of conversation at my dinner table for the last couple of months. Our family cat, Jordan, will … Continue reading

Emotions, Pet Ownership and Veterinary Care

Posted on by Ari Zabell, DVM

We own pets because we want another being to share our lives, emotions and love with—openly, honestly and without apology. The reality is that pets typically live shorter lives than we do and rely on their owners to make good … Continue reading

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