Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner, Third Edition

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Anesthesia is the most important thing we do as veterinary teams.

I realize that is a sweeping statement.  I realize that between all the team members and all the pets and all the clients and all the diseases and injuries and preventative care measures, there are countless things we do, and it is unfair to say ONE thing is the most important.  It is.  Nothing else we do carries the same risks, even to healthy pets, as anesthesia does.  It is a powerful thing.  This book reflects that well.

In a survey I received when I first started as a member of the Banfield team seven years ago, one of the questions was, “What do you like best about Banfield Pet Hospital?”  My answer then and now:  our anesthesia.  (My second favorite would be a several-answer tie!)

I love that Banfield emphasizes the importance of the preanesthetic workup for every pet.  I love that our medical standards for a pet undergoing anesthesia are so high.  I love that we have such excellent protocols.  I love our emphasis on pain control.  All of this is well expressed in Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner.  Underlying every chapter of the book is a healthy respect for the power of this important ability we have: the ability to anesthetize pets.  The book does not treat that lightly, and I think therein lies its greatest strength. 

This is the third edition of Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner.  The second edition just came out in 2008.  The first edition came out in 2003.  It seems to be constantly changing and improving as veterinary anesthesia changes and improves.

I took twelve hours on the first day I had available when the third edition came out and read it from cover to cover.  There are a few protocol changes in this edition, and it is even more “Oh no!  I need to know this RIGHT NOW!”-friendly than the previous two editions.  I have (thankfully) not needed to use it in that capacity yet, but if an emergency situation presented, the book would be easy to use as a quick reference for emergency protocols and medications.  I have used the book in day-to-day practice, and with the color tabs and straight-forward organization, it is very user-friendly.  I recommend that every veterinary team include Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner, Third Edition in their hospital library.

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